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An excellent resource book for new agencies

April 12, 2010

Handbook of Home Health Care Administration, 5th Edition
edited by Marilyn D. Harris, RN, MSN, CNAA

Hardcover: 900+ pages
ISBN 0763755826
Jones & Bartlett
March 2009

Handbook of Home Health Care has been completely revised and updated to provide up-to-date, specific, authoritative guidance for the successful administration and management of home health care agencies. An excellent, comprehensive resource and text, this Handbook addresses:

*detailed legal and legislative issues,

*case management processes, and state-of-the-art technology.

This book is a Brandon Hill Selection! More than 90 hospice and home care expert contributors make this handbook the most authoritative and comprehensive reference in home care administration. This newest edition provides new chapters on:

*preparing for an emergency,

*implementing scope and standards of practice into daily practice,

*health services within home care,

*new information on ethics related to durable medical equipment(DME) and the Omaha classification system,

*and much more.

This classic home health and hospice care reference provides specific, authoritative guidance for the successful administration and management of home health care agencies.

An excellent, comprehensive reference book, Handbook of Home Health Care Administration addresses the strategies and techniques needed to meet the increasing challenges of home care in today’s rapidly changing health care environment. Completely revised and updated and written by experts in hospice and home care, this is the seminal resource for home health and hospice care administrators. This book includes a collection of:

*effective, time-saving forms

*sample policies


*charts, and

*other ready-to-adapt tools

It covers subjects such as management issues, certification standards, financial issues and tips on how to be a successful administrator. New to this edition are chapters on:

*The Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc.
*The Visiting Nurse Association of America
*Cultural Competency in Home Care

The contributors are professionals in community care management, nursing, health administration, home health care and hospice, and pharmacy – from universities, home health care agencies, hospices, and hospitals in the U.S.
Table of Contents:
Ch. 1 Home health administration : an overview 3
Ch. 2 The home health agency 16
Ch. 3 Medicare conditions of participation 27
Ch. 4 The joint commission’s home care accreditation program 63
Ch. 5 CHAP accreditation : standards of excellence for home care and community health organizations 71
Ch. 6 Accreditation for home care aide and private duty services 81
Ch. 7 ACHC : accreditation for home care and alternate site health care services 86
Ch. 8 Certificate of need and licensure 92
Ch. 9 Credentialing : organizational and personnel options for home care 101
Ch. 10 The relationship of the home health agency to the state trade association 111
Ch. 11 The national association for home care and hospice 115
Ch. 12 The visiting nurse association of America 124
Ch. 13 Self-care systems in home health care nursing 131
Ch. 14 Home health care documentation and record keeping 135
App. 14-A COP standards pertaining to HHA clinical record policy 147
App. 14-B Abington Memorial Hospital home care clinical records 150
Ch. 15 Computerized clinical documentation 161
Ch. 16 Home telehealth : improving care and decreasing costs 176
Ch. 17 Implementing a competency system in home care 185
Ch. 18 Meeting the need for culturally and linguistically appropriate services 211
Ch. 19 Classification : an underutilized tool for prospective payment 224
Ch. 20 Analysis and management of home health nursing caseloads and workloads 236
Ch. 21 Home health care classification (HHCC) system : an overview 247
Ch. 22 Nursing diagnoses in home health nursing 261
Ch. 23 Perinatal high-risk home care 274
Ch. 24 High technology home care services 279
Ch. 25 Discharge of a ventilator-assisted child from the hospital to home 291
Ch. 26 Performance improvement 301
Ch. 27 Evidence-based practice : basic strategies for success 310
Ch. 28 Quality planning for quality patient care 315
Ch. 29 Program Evaluation 320
App. 29-A Formats for presenting program evaluation tools
Ch. 30 Effectiveness of a clinical feedback approach to improving patient outcomes 341
Ch. 31 Implementing outcome-based quality improvement into the home health agency 352
Ch. 32 Benchmarking and home health care 383
Ch. 33 Administrative policy and procedure manual 395
Ch. 34 Discharge planning 399
Ch. 35 Strategies to retain and attract quality staff 421
Ch. 36 Evaluating productivity 436
Ch. 37 Labor-management relations 448
Ch. 38 Human resource management 459
Ch. 39 Staff development in a home health agency 474
Ch. 40 Transitioning nurses to home care 484
Ch. 41 Case management 495
Ch. 42 Managed care 499
Ch. 43 Community-based long-term care : preparing for a new role 507
Ch. 44 Understanding the exposures of home health care : an insurance primer 519
Ch. 45 Budgeting for home health agencies 527
Ch. 46 Reimbursement 535
Ch. 47 How to read, interpret, and understand financial statements 549
Ch. 48 Management information systems 558
Ch. 49 Legal issues of concern to home care providers 571
Ch. 50 Understanding the basics of home health compliance 590
Ch. 51 The HIPAA standards for privacy of individually identifiable health information 616
Ch. 52 Ethical practice in the daily service to home care client, their families, and the community 666
Ch. 53 Participating in the political process 675
Ch. 54 Strategic planning 693
Ch. 55 Marketing : an overview 708
Ch. 56 The internet in home health and hospice care 723
Ch. 57 Disease management programs 736
Ch. 58 The process of visiting nurse association affiliation with a major teaching hospital 756
Ch. 59 Grantsmanship in home health care : seeking foundation support 771
Ch. 60 Home care volunteer program 778
Ch. 61 The manager as published author : tips on writing for publication 796
Ch. 62 Student placements in home health care agencies : boost or barrier to quality patient care? 810
Ch. 63 A student program in one home health agency 818
Ch. 64 The role of the physician in home care 834
Ch. 65 Research in home health agencies 840
Ch. 66 Hospice care : pioneering the ultimate love connection about living not dying 850
App. 66-A State of Connecticut physician assisted living (PAL) directive 863
App. 66-B Summary guidelines for initiation of advanced care 864
Ch. 67 Safe harbor : a bereavement program for children, teens, and families 866
Ch. 68 Planning, implementing, and managing a community-based nursing center : current challenges and future opportunities 872
Ch. 69 Adult day services – the next frontier 883
Ch. 70 Partners in healing : home care, hospice, and parish nurses 891
Ch. 71 Meeting the present challenges and continuing to thrive in the future : tips on how to be successful as an administrator in home health and hospice care 899

The editor, Marilyn Harris, RN, MSN, CNAA, served as the Executive Director of Abington Memorial Hospital Home Care, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania for 22 years. Ms. Harris has four decades of experience in home care. She is editor, author or coauthor of more than 100 articles or chapters, two manuals, and three previous editions of the Handbook of Home Health Care Administration. She has presented over 50 papers on home care issues at conferences including an invitational conference in The Netherlands.

Handbook of Home Health Care has been completely revised and updated to provide up-to-date, specific, authoritative guidance for the successful administration and management of home health care.

(information from the publisher)


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